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Thursday 10th of April 2014

Introducing Sarah Belli, our intern from Murdoch University. Sarah is working behind the scenes with Earth Carers as part of her Sustainable Development and Environmental Management degree. She recently completed the Earth Carers course and this is her perspective on it. 

POSTED BY: Sarah Belli

The Earth Carers Course is a great initiative of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) empowering locals to act in a way that will positively reduce their impact on the earth. Nabilla and Gabrielle spoke directly to us about what our individual council does with our waste and other local services that are available for other items such as computer disposal. There was great range of people attending the course, together knowledge was shared in regards to what services and opportunities are available to us within the community that most of us were unaware of. Also, we shared tips and tricks such as how to keep their worms happy, our houses clean and our waste to a minimum. As the weeks progressed many of the goals that we set were met and as a result people became less cluttered, wasteful and more frugal in their behaviour. It was great to see this unravel as we shared our achievements with each other at each session over the three week period.

The topics that were covered over many of cups of lemon grass and tea included Eco design (i.e. The Grove), how to sort your waste, de-cluttering and simplifying our lifestyles and houses, where our waste goes, green cleaning, composting, worm farming and bokashi.

Who said Perth was one of the most unsustainable cites in the world? After attending this course I am convinced that there is not only still hope in Perth but there is a ripple effect occurring as there are so many inspired people out there wanting to learn more and change the behaviour of not only themselves but their housemates, family, friends and others in their local council. Just like Graeme said at our last session, I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone. The course is a great way of introducing and creating awareness about sustainability in the local community and recreating that sense of community.

A massive thankyou to our leading Earth Carers Nabilla and Gabrielle for providing us with much food for thought and inspiring us to lead the way with our sustainability goals at home and in our local communities. 

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