H2O to Go - Water bottle refill stations

Borrow our water bottle refill stations to make your event more sustainable

If your're in our Member Council area, we have just the thing to make your next event a more sustainable one! Our H2O to Go portable water bottle refill stations and a water fountain are available for western suburbs councils, schools and community groups to borrow. All you need is a regular garden tap (must have a thread and not be self-closing) . The stations provide free filtered water at your events, reduce litter and encourage people to bring reusable water bottles when they are out and about.

Packed in a handy carry bag, the stations are easily transported by car and simple to set up. They have a base plate which can be pegged or sand bagged down on windy days and connect to an existing mains water tap via a 10m stainless steel drink safe hose. The tap must have a thread to connect the hose to and cannot be self-closing. Carbon filters purify the water and inbuilt flow meters help you track how many plastic water bottles you’ve saved! You can borrow one, two or three of the stations.

The stations weigh 12kgs plus the metal base plate and are easiest to transport using a sack trolley. Allow half an hour to set up before the event.

For more information on the H2O to Go stations take a look at our Factsheet. You might also like to borrow our Washing Against Waste kit for your event. 

To borrow H2O to Go contact us on 9384 4003 or email [email protected]

The H2O to Go project is funded by Keep Australia Beautiful’s Community Litter Grant and supported by Meet Pat.


H2O to Go - Water bottle refill stations