Library of Things

Why buy when you can share?

If you're in our Member Council  area we have a whole range of things that you can borrow for FREE for events, parties and gatherings.  You just need to contact us using the form below to book them and come by the office to pick them up and drop them off.  

Our library currently includes:

  • H2O to Go filtered water stations - for events
  • Wash against Waste - mugs and glasses and washing up bowls to avoid disposables at events
  • Bin toppers - labelled with clear images for landfill and recycling. Bin toppers are proven to decrease contamination in recycling.
  • Beeswax wrap making kit - irons, graters, towels, instructions etc
  • DVDs - a growing list of waste and sustainable living DVDs.  Contact us for details
  • Costumes and games - waste-focussed games and costumes for community events (battery, light globe etc)

* denotes a required field.

Library of Things

Our H2O to Go filtered water stations in use